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Keytohomes Exclusive Offer until 31st March 2021

Do not Waste ££££Thousands on Property Courses.

You can become a Keytohomes Property Auction Member for 1 year and become part of a professional Buyers Network-Receive Weekly Offers from our professional property Sourcers.

With the Current Economic uncertainty, there are incredible deals to be made if you can move quickly on some of the deals that are on Offer.

Keytohomes are specialist who can purchase at Auction for you by securing deals that can net you £20k-£50K Returns on just one property.

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Keytohomes Auction Members can get full Assistance in the Buying process as long as you are based within London and the M25.

One of the questions we’ve had asked recently from a client is, can you still find bargain properties at auction, or really, are auctions the best place to kind of buy properties?

Yes, you can get very good deals at auctions. It’s not always the best place to buy. Sometimes there are some problem properties at auction.


Good deals can be found at auctions and Distress Sales.

What Yield can you expect on our property deals ? 7% +

Our Average return is 7% Yield+ and we assist Buyers in purchasing and Securing the property up to Completion.

We will offer certain pieces of Land from under £50k and certain property from within £100k up to £1+ million within the Uk which offer an amazing return in the long Term.

With the current economic corona pandemic, we can  advise Buyers on Bridge Funding to cover the purchase price as mortgages within 28 days are difficult.

Please email for more info regarding funding options for your Auction property or any other query you may have.


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